our experts

We built Sunroom in partnership with prolific creators. Together we're making the women and non-binary creators of the world wealthier, safer, and more liberated.

paige elkington Model & Actress
aella Adult Creator
chantelle otten Sexologist
lisa cox Disability Advocate & Media Professional
tori bell Diversity and Inclusion Expert
lucy jackson Podcaster & Fashion Designer
pidgeon Renaissance Them
becky hearn Creative Entrepreneur
tilly lawless Sex Worker & Writer
alyssa ho Anti-Racism Advocate & Writer
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our team

We’re a small team, founded by women who’ve built products used by hundreds of millions of people at Hinge and Bumble.

lucy mort CEO
kate harper Creator Relationships
roman chornopyskyi QA Analyst
nik ryan Software Engineer
liliana brogan Community Support
vad kakouka Software Engineer
carson partee Software Engineer
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our founding creators

Our creators aren't afraid to be the first. Some of our early adopters are;

charlie max model & artist
janice griffith adult performer
naavi karan producer and choreographer
danielle burnett body positive creator
lucy mcfadin lifestyle creator
marta pozzan actor & mental health advocate
mitra yorsi content creator & youtuber
em davies designer & creator
bianca beers digital artist
harmony tividad musician
rowi singh makeup extraordinaire
bella davies body confidence creator

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