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Context Matters

When moderating content on Sunroom, we take into account the subject of the post, their pose, the environment they’re in, the language they’re using, the activity they’re engaged in, their caption, and other visual cues like clothing, accessories, props, etc. We look carefully at the intent of the each post, including any insinuations or innuendo. At this stage, this process is manual for us. We have a real human making moderation decisions.



Women’s Business Deserve’s Airtime

Womens business tends to be heavily moderated on other platforms. Creating a space that doesn’t censor these important topics is a priority of ours. We welcome posts that touch on topics like body positivity, sexual wellness, sex education, child birth and breastfeeding, body image, sexuality, gender identity, misogyny, and pleasure. We do not classify these topics as “adult content” in the way other platforms do.




We don’t automate decisions which affect a creators earnings

Creators’ business on Sunroom is really important, with Sunroom earnings often forming a large part of a creator’s total income. For this reason, we will never automate decisions which may affect a creator’s earnings. This means we won’t employ automated systems to assess and remove posts, we will always have a human doing this work.




We’re not here to shame anyone, or impose moral judgement on anyone

Our content guidelines do not exist to provide an arbitrary distinction between what we believe to be “right” and “wrong”; rather, they exist to ensure Sunroom remains a safe, expressive, and supportive space. Deciding on where to draw the “line” with our content was informed by our creators’ needs, not by our own personal sensibilities or ideas of taste.




We are here to create a space where all sorts of creators and their supporters feel welcome

Sunroom is designed to house a variety of content from a diverse range of creators. We are committed to maintaining this diversity of content in order to maintain a space that’s comfortable to all sorts of creators. Content that is conventionally seen as “sensitive” will be marked as such and hidden by default, so that there are no surprises for anyone.




The shape of someone’s body or the color of their skin does not affect our moderation decisions

We understand that idealized beauty standards can affect the moderation of women’s bodies in unfair ways. We will never enforce our content moderation policies on some bodies and not others – we are committed to ensuring disabled women & non-binary creators are safe to create without being censored on Sunroom. We are a body positive, progressive space which embraces bodies of all kinds, all standards and all representations of beauty.

Read our Community Guidelines here.

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