What is Sunroom?

Sunroom is an app for women and non-binary creators to monetize their content and connect with their audiences. Our mission is to remove the stigmas women and non-binary creators face when asking for more or showing more in their pursuit of wealth. These stigmas have held creators back from directly monetizing their audiences, and Sunroom is the antidote. We’re here to reframe how creators are viewed, valued, and paid on the internet.

What’s different about Sunroom?

Sunroom is dedicated to monetization and has three revenue streams for creators – monthly subscriptions, tips, and reactions. Sunbeams are Sunrooms in-app currency, which allow tipping via DM’s & comments, and liking for posts in support of creators' work. Sunroom features industry first anti-screenshot technology — SunBlock — which ensures that what’s posted on Sunroom, stays on Sunroom. The platform is moderated through a women's lens, and we take human-first approach to moderation.

Why is Sunroom important?

Creating a space that doesn’t censor women's business is a priority of ours. We welcome posts that touch on topics like body positivity, sexual wellness, sex education, child birth and breastfeeding, body image, sexuality, gender identity, misogyny, and pleasure. We’re moderated by women and promise to take a considered approach to enforcing our community guidelines. Whilst we don't support pornography on Sunroom, we promise to never remove or shadowban a creator simply because of their X-rated work outside of Sunroom. Head to the community guidelines page to read more.

Why women & non-binary creators?

Sunroom is for women and non-binary creators, however anybody is free to use the app as a member and support their favourite creators. Women and non-binary creators deserve safe, dedicated spaces where they're free to make a living without fear of their content or accounts disappearing. We’re starting here because all too often, women and non-binary creators are shadow-banned, censored, de-platformed, or stigmatized. Sunroom is run and moderated by women, and takes a hands-on approach to protecting the platform. This means we’ll always take context into consideration and promise to never automate a decision which affects the livelihood of a creator.

What kind of content is on Sunroom?

Sunroom features content from entrepreneurs, creatives, entertainers, models, podcasters, artists, educators, athletes, sexologists, activists and public figures offering unique value adds as an extension of their current online profiles. On Sunroom, we want women and non-binary creators to have an entrepreneurial space that is really theirs to own. A space that gives them more control and more freedom. Sunroom’s creators will decide the types of content they post – which may include anything from lifestyle & fashion content to personal news, gossip and dating advice. Sunroom is also geared towards connection, and is a members-only space. Our creators want to get acquainted with and chat to their top supporters.

How much does Sunroom cost?

Sunroom is available on iPhone via the AppStore and is free to download. Each creator sets their monthly membership price ranging from $1 USD to $30 USD per month. You can cancel your subscription at any time and will retain access until the end of your current billing cycle. Sunbeams, Sunrooms in-app currency, are used to tip and like creators. Sunbeams are purchased in packs ranging from $2.99-$199.99 USD.

How do I become a creator on Sunroom?

Candidly, we are a young company with big dreams, so in order to ensure the safety and success of all our creators, access to Sunroom is via application for now. To apply, download Sunroom, head to your profile and tap “Become a Creator”. Our team reviews applications frequently and will be in touch once you’re off the waitlist.

I can’t find my favourite creator?

Looking for someone on Sunroom but can’t find them? Know of a creator who you’d like to see more from or connect more intimately with? Nominate them here.

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