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At Sunroom we know being a creator means being a business owner. Sunroom serves as a business tool, for creators to source recurring revenue from their most loyal supporters. If you’re a creator who has amassed a following online, and is serious about opening up additional ways to monetize that audience we want to hear from you. If you’re interested in seeing how much you could get paid, check out our earnings calculator.

Candidly, we are a young company with big dreams so in order to ensure the safety and success of all our creators, access to Sunroom is via application. Our team review these applications daily to ensure you are who you say you are!

Some things to consider if Sunroom is right for you!

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our criteria

01 gender

Are you a cis or trans woman or non-binary person

03 expertise / talent

Do you have something to teach, coach, or counsel your audience on, OR have you developed a craft to a high level for people to enjoy?

05 censorship

Have you been censored on other platforms on topics like childbirth, breastfeeding, disability, sexual wellness, opinions on women's issues & body positivity? Can we support and protect you and your cause on Sunroom.

02 audience

Have you amassed a following that adore you and want to support you for your work?

04 business ambitions

Are you already monetising your audience via brand deals or ad revenue agreements?

06 engagement

Are you ready to bring your audience with you?

creator experience

Sunroom offers 1-1 personalized support to ensure creators find success & feel supported at all times on Sunroom. If you need support, we’ve got you, contact us at

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